The ABI-U600 Rack and Pinion Hoist is indeed a universal hoisting system designed for transporting of material and personnel.

The ABI-U600 can be used in:

In shrinkage stopping and cut-and-fill mining ABI-U600 is an ideal way for transporting personnel and material between the levels and the stops. The crew that uses the ABI-U600 hoist saves their energy for productive work rather than exhausting themselves climbing ladders.

The use of an ABI-U600 hoist is a safe and cost efficient method versus the use of vehicles in transporting people in sloping tunnels.

In crashing plants usually the operator has to control various equipment such as feeders, bins, conveyors etc. Locates at different levels. The ABI-U600 Hoist could offer the best solution for quick access to these levels.

The ABI-U600 may be used in long shafts as a secondary escape hoist. In case of emergency the ABI-U600 may be lowered from the surface to the bottom level and than operated from the cage.

The ABI-U600 may be used in hydroelectric power projects to inspect and service the cable shafts for pen stocks, surge shafts and for various other applicable requirements.

The ABI-U600 is an essential installation in ventilation Shafts for long tunnels in highway projects. It is used for inspection and maintenance of these shafts. The hoist is designed to travel in two directions. When it reaches the top of the shaft moves horizontally into a tunnel thus providing free air flow in the ventilation shaft.

Several installations inside or outside chimneys and silos have been successfully completed world wide. The ABI-U600 hoist is used to transport personnel and equipment to different levels of chimneys for the purpose of maintaining cleaner fuel gas, in compliance with the recent and more stringent environmental requirements.