The ABI method of raise excavation has become the most utilized system in the world because of its flexibility, economy and speed. Using the same ABI Raise climbers and the assortment of components, raises can be tailored to the specific need of individual mines, where inclinations, ore locations and rock conditions dictate imaginative and innovative planning. The ABI method of excavation has been used successfully on many project applications, including ore and waste pass raises, ventilation shafts and airways, main shaft excavating, communication shafts and materials handling shafts.


  • Raise Enlarging

The use of ABI drilling platforms makes it possible to enlarge vertical pilots raises efficiently, safely and in comfortable working conditions

  • Mining

With the ABI method it is possible to turn small ore finds into profit makers by traking ore veins. You are able to follow and mine a narrow ore body, thus minimizing stop preparation and work in waste rock.

  • Hydro Power

The ABI raise method may be used to more than just mining industry. This method has been used extensively in hydroelectric power projects: penstocks, high pressure shafts, surge shafts, as well as for the excavation of inspection shafts and airways.

  • Civil Construction

The ABI mining method may also be used to drive all types of raisin all kinds of construction and mining projects. Large ventilation raises or shafts can be established by using an ABI Raise Climber to create a new pilot and then slashing it to the final diameter or by enlarging an existing raise or shaft.